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  • インドアアクティビティ
  • Motu Toopua - Bora Bora

ようこそ Hina Spa – Conrad Bora Bora Nui

Discovering Hina Spa’s treatments is to immerse yourself in the sensory world of Hina and the ancestral Polynesian traditions. Hina Spa is a privileged place for lovers, women, men and children who wish to experience a moment rich in senses and sensations.

Our Hina Spa is named after the goddess Hina, who is always presented in legends as the ambassador of beauty, charm, softness, well-being and pleasure of living. The goddess Hina is at least as important and as famous as the god Hiro in Polynesian mythology. She is also, in most islands and in different versions, the origin of the coconut tree, so indispensable to all Ma’ohi. Hina, whose daily presence can be detected in the shimmer of a moonbeam as well as in the rustle of a coconut palm, remains the one who evokes serenity and well-being. If the nights of strong winds and big swells from the open sea sometimes awaken Hiro and his excesses, the calm nights when the lagoon is transformed into a mirror vibrating with the reflections of the moon are the domain of the gentle Hina, the very symbol of the vahine of the islands.

Our Polynesian spa offers a wide range of treatments to be done alone or together. Our treatments are also available to pregnant women. Adopting a global approach to well-being, we use natural products, including those from Biologique Recherche. A pillar of the French beauty industry with more than 40 years of experience in the development of skin care products, their know-how combined with a visionary approach is at the origin of the reputation of effectiveness of the brand and its exceptional products.

Located at the top of a hill, the Hina Spa is a jewel box of softness and beauty offering a breathtaking panorama. This vibrant place in the hollow of volcanic rocks will provide you with energy and serenity.

Hina Spa is recognized as one of the best spas in the world by the famous Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

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