Tahiti Yachts Base

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ようこそ Tahiti Yachts Base

The superyacht industry has always considered itself to be a global enterprise. However, the truth of the matter is, that for all the industry’s rhetoric, the market has largely been focused on the Mediterranean, US and Caribbean. This is not to say that the market has been at fault, but it has grown organically in the most popular regions, perhaps to the detriment of its development in other areas. Today, however, development is happening space across the globe, aided by improvements to the vessels themselves, and this evolution is perhaps nowhere more telling than across Tahiti and her Islands ( french Polynesia). The creation of a quality service network throughout our five magnificent Archipelagoes , hold the key to superyacht market growth in the earth version islands Paradise. This is why our group is actively creating a Super Yacht base in French Polynesia.