Rairoa fishing tours

  • その他の水上アクティビティ

ようこそ Rairoa fishing tours


The day starts around 8:00 am with a free pick up from your accommodation. The car will take you to Ohotu Pier, where you will be met on the boat. The boat ride will take about an hour. Upon arrival at the Blue Lagoon, you can refresh yourself with a drink and then start exploring the site.

A short guided walk will take you through the Bird Island, a pristine island where many endemic bird species live, such as Vini, Kotchotcho, Chevalier, to name a few.
The next destination is the pink sand where you can also enjoy the first snorkeling opportunity of the day in the “coral garden”. After some walking and diving, it’s time to eat.

An example of lunch is barbecue chicken, freshly caught grilled fish, rice salad and the famous coconut bread.

After lunch you will have time to relax or do some more snorkeling in the blue lagoon.

On the way back, we’ll make a stop to see sharks and, depending on the conditions, you can also swim surrounded by blacktips and lemon sharks.

Last stop before the end of the day is a snorkeling session at the “Aquarium”, a protected area with an incredible amount and variety of tropical fish.

The best way to end a great day!