Raie Manta Diving Tikehau

  • ウォータースポーツ

ようこそ Raie Manta Diving Tikehau

Diving center in Tikehau in the Tuamotu archipelago, “Raie Manta diving” makes you discover the lagoon reef of Tikehau since 1993, located in the Tikehau village pension.

We are a small family center, open all year round 7 days a week where you can make personalized and tailor-made dives, in complete serenity and safety.

To discover the lagoon and the magnificent Tikehau pass, we will indicate exploration dives, adult and child baptisms, initiation, private outings, level training and snorkeling.

Its magnificent lagoon with its rich marine biodiversity, abounds with species that coexist in crystal clear water. The unique pass called Tuheiava allows exceptional drift dives, counting it among the best dive sites in the world.