Bora Bora Photographer | Paulina Cadoret | Drone | Video

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ようこそ Bora Bora Photographer | Paulina Cadoret | Drone | Video

Wedding & Honeymoon Photographer in Bora Bora & the islands (photography & videography)

Hi, I’m Paulina. I am a wedding and honeymoon photographer with a soft spot for natural light, luminous colors and incredible scenery. Having an approach that combines fine art and aerial techniques, I capture beautiful, sincere and timeless images. It will be a pleasure for me to take your wedding, family or honeymoon photo shoot. As well as help you plan any other event in Bora Bora or other Pacific islands.

We do propose on Bora Bora & the islands:
Classical photography (analog and digital)
Aerial shots (certified drone pilot)
Videography (film)

I work with my business partner and husband Ossa. Our approach is to apply the styles and quality of the fine arts to aerial pictures to create unique keepsakes and tell the story of your trip or special event. The result is like a dream come true: spectacular and full of color. We ensure you have a smooth, enjoyable experience – and a great adventure at the same time on Bora Bora, Moorea, Tahiti & the islands.