Motu Nao Nao

  • Luxury Villas
  • Fetuna, Raiatea

ようこそ Motu Nao Nao

Motu Nao Nao is a private island located 1.5 km from the island of Raiatea, only 40 minutes from the airport and the town of Uturoa (capital and administrative center of the Leeward Islands offering all services available in the area).The motu has 2 beaches, one of which is more than 800 m long, and 25 ha of lush nature with a great ecological variety.The island has three beach villas that can each accommodate two people. The motu’s private chef oversees the seasonal menu where most ingredients are locally sourced, including fish, organic vegetables and wild ingredients found on the island. Everything we serve is responsibly and ethically harvested. Motu Nao Nao’s activities are naturally inspired by the ocean and nature that surround it. Scuba diving, jet skiing, kayaking, paddle boarding, kite surfing, snorkeling and lagoon tours can be arranged.Respect for the environment is at the heart of our core values. Motu Nao Nao is committed to preserving and protecting the planet for the future, and henceminimizing our environmental footprint. Above all else, Motu Nao Nao is devoted to respecting the Polynesian people and their culture.