Moorea Ocean Riders

  • その他の水上アクティビティ

ようこそ Moorea Ocean Riders

Discover the beauty of French Polynesia with Moorea Ocean Riders. Our private boat tours offer an experience that combines nature, sharing, culture, and adventure. Explore pristine natural sites and enjoy breathtaking views. You can discover secluded and less-visited places, providing a sense of unparalleled luxury and intimacy. Embark on our 25″ vessel and set off to explore the marine animals and diverse marine life of French Polynesia: from rays and sea turtles to sharks, tropical fish, and even dolphins, you will be amazed by the richness of this ecosystem. Our experienced crew will guide you through the crystal-clear waters of the lagoon, offering spectacular views of the corals. For a more traditional experience, choose an initiation to Polynesian outrigger canoes, Va’a or Holopuni, and sail through calm and warm waters while immersing yourself in Polynesian culture.

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