MOOREA EXPLORER – Sarl Nahitokai – JetSki

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  • Moorea - Maharepa BP247 - 98728

ようこそ MOOREA EXPLORER – Sarl Nahitokai – JetSki

Moorea Explorer is a family business founded by Reginal, known as “White” (Reginal owes this affectionate nickname to his very light complexion, which is rather rare on the island of Moorea…)

Réginal’s family is at the origin of the creation of the largest service and transportation company on the island of Moorea.

In 1992, Reginal and his wife Hinanui opened their first tourism business. A 4×4 safari and jet ski “water scooter” business.

On July 01, 2018 the couple and their 4 children acquire the large company Moorea Explorer.

NAHITOKAI will be the name of the acquiring company: “Na is the diminutive of their eldest daughter Nanihi, Hi is the diminutive of their second daughter Hina-iti, To is the diminutive of their third child, their son Tohivea, Kai is the diminutive of their last daughter Kaiulani.”

This couple with a passion for tourism works with all their children. They have passed on their passion for working in tourism and their unconditional love for the island of Moorea, their native island.

It is thus all the family of Reginal who takes care of the customers. The NAHITOKAI team shares their pride in living the Polynesian culture, they will open the door to the treasures of the island of Moorea.

Travel to Moorea with Moorea Explorer, and make your stay on this island a moment that will remain forever engraved in your memory.


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