Anapa Perles

  • その他の水上アクティビティ
  • Uturoa - Raiatea

ようこそ Anapa Perles

Anapa Perles is one of the leading pearl producers in French Polynesia,

Our pearls are consistently chosen by the most discerning designers to become couture collections, museum pieces and stunning jewelry. In-house, our own pearl creations are designed for elegant simplicity, in honor of the exquisite pearls from which they are created.

In an ancient bay where manta rays play and dolphins and whales dance, lie the oyster beds of Anapa Perles. Nestled in this idyllic paradise, minerals from the Temahani Mountains provide rich nutrients that create pearls of exceptional beauty.

Nourished only by nature, the pearls become luminescent and take on the colors of the misty, dew-filled rainbows of this place known as Raiatea, the Sacred Island.