Hotu Vanilla

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The vanilla of TAHITI is without comparison a vanilla of great quality: brilliant, oily, it is an aromatic bouquet unique in the world. The long-lasting taste of Hotu Vanilla Tahitian vanilla is an asset prized by many great chefs who find real pleasure in flavoring their culinary creations with a thousand colors and flavors.

“At Hotu Vanilla, our preparation secrets have allowed us to develop a vanilla that is very oily, shiny, fatty, fleshy, thick and very fragrant…”

A passion for the land, the Polynesian culture, the family values, produce this Polynesian Black Gold that does not go unnoticed by the greats of French gastronomy.

“Moreover, we have been rewarded several times in Paris at the Concours Général Agricole of the Ministry of Agriculture, until the last edition, where we obtained the gold medal.